2016 College Yearbook


Dr Peter Webster

“We are not living in an era of change - we are living in a changed era.”......Pope Francis

New Wine in new skins..... Jesus said, ‘Do not put new wine into old wineskins; otherwise, the skins burst, the wine runs out, and the skins are lost. No; they put new wine in fresh skins and both are preserved.’ Matthew’s Gospel 9:16-17 says that it is not wise to put new wine into old wineskins.Wine was kept in containers made of leather. Because new wine was still fermenting and expanding it needed to be put in new leather bags which were resilient and could expand with the wine. The old bags would be already stretched and new wine would only cause them to burst. Then both the wine would be lost and the bags ruined. The new wine parable has relevance for our Catholic Learning Community as we are in the midst of what we would call now a paradigm shift or a recontextualisation and radical new understanding of how students learn best and their needs in a changed era. New wine in new skins! Over the centuries, education has moved its position as it reaches a deeper understanding of learning and the needs of society in a changing world. Just as Pope John XXIII initiated the greatest modern change in the Church with the Second Vatican Council, we are now in the infancy stage of major changes as to how students are learning in a technological age. We are currently educating students for careers that have not been created yet, to use technology that has not been developed and to solve problems that do not currently exist.We cannot continue to pour the new wine into old wineskins. The Foundation for Young Australians – New Basics report (2016) analysed big data to show the growing demand from employers for young workers to have enterprise skills. These are transferable skills that allow young people to be enterprising so they can navigate complex careers across a range of industries and professions. At the Catholic Learning Community of St John XXIII, we are providing our students opportunities to learn and apply enterprise skills such as problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity. Through the use of contemporary pedagogies such as agile learning and flipped learning, we are fully embracing the message of the parable to equip our students with the necessary skills to be productive and successful in their future endeavours. The new wine parable is in the spirit of the research and data from educational leaders Hattie, Dinham, Robinson, Sharratt, Sousa and Fullan. As Pope Francis has stated ‘we are not living in a era of change – we are living in a changed era.’ In Reality..... In 2015 our Catholic Learning Community undertook a significant period of evaluation, review and reflection on the future direction of the learning in our environment.We have a beautiful setting, relatively new and with large open learning spaces. Mid 2015 we began our transformation with a common K-12 approach to teaching and learning, based on the best available research and data. The initiative included the development of our Principles of Learning, Wellbeing Framework and Religious Education and Evangelisation Framework which are significant documents that will provide a contemporary framework for our future development.

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