2016 Principal's Message, 15.02.2016

Principal’s Vision We are no longer living in an era of change -­‐ we are living in a changed era. Australia has a fantastic system of education with comparatively high standards. Within this system the Parramatta Diocese and our College; St John XXIII Catholic Learning Community would be considered pioneers, innovators, and many would say outliers in this changed era – we are exploring the possibilities, we are taking informed risks. At our College we have recontextualised the concept of contemporary 21 st Century learning – we have been purpose built to cater for the needs of our students, staff and community. Our learning environment is not limited to our classrooms and has been extended in duration and proximity. From the Early Learning Centre, to Kindergarten, to Year 12, we are open at 6.30am in the morning and close at 6.30pm at night. Learning occurs locally, nationally and internationally as our students and staff are connected to the rest of the world. Our learning is personalised and developed through our Learning and Performance conferences. We no longer have single teachers or class groups we have collaborative teams of teachers working in agile, dynamic, organic learning spaces designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of the learner. We have some spaces that have no chairs, some with no desks, we no longer have text books – we communication via Google classrooms our learning management system – which enable our students to access learning material and staff at any hour of the day. This is not risky – it is the future – it is having a future focussed growth mindset. Our Year 12 students are now doing more content based learning outside of the classroom, this has allowed our learning environments to become skills and applications focussed – for our students and staff to be critical thinkers, to foster creativity, to liaise collaboratively and ultimately to become empowered to make a difference in their world. Our Catholic Learning Community is educating students and staff for the ‘now’ and ‘future’.

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