2016 Principal's Post April Edition


College Leaders, Rayan, Chloe, Cooper and Emma laid wreaths at the Riverstone Dawn Service. Our John XXIII Senior choir sang and Keeden Hendriks, Year 12, recited a poem, “The Price of Freedom”. It is such an honour for our students to participate in this service every year. Have you visited our 2015 Yearbook? Click here

A snippet from “The Price of Freedom”

The headlines in bold print ready that we had won

Parades with military bands and ticker tape had begun

Crowds cheered as war weary soldiers marched down the street

Generals and Politicians with puffed up chests spoke of brilliant feats

While loved ones struggling to seek tomorrow suffered pain

Grieving for the missing, dead and the maimed.

On the last day of Term 1, Father

Rob Galea, Evangelist

and talented musician was inspirational when leading our students in prayer and faith development.

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