2016 Principal's Post April Edition


As a Catholic Learning Community, learning will always be at the forefront of our agenda. The College has invested significantly in the last 15 months to ensure our students are learning in quality environments.

Next week we will be visited by Paul Hewitt from NSW BOSTES. BOSTES oversees the learning environment in all NSW schools. Paul is visiting to view our work on the K-10Writing Continuum. This work will set the platform for student writing across our College and is setting the standard for others to follow. We look forward to the feedback we receive from Paul.

Our students came back this term to a new building – our sustainability building – solar powered, water reticulation and recycling are at the core of the building. For example, students will know how much energy is being used in the room (lighting, air conditioning, etc) and how much energy is being generated by the solar panels. This will be on display on monitors inside the room.

The room will be used essentially by our Stage 3 students (and others when allocated) and is targeted to focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Our community will be invited to view the room in the near future.

I am excited by the possibilities: sustainability, recycling, robotics, coding, project based learning, design and game development.

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