2016 Principal's Post August Edition


Our K-12College is a“Catholic LearningCommunity”and in this trilogy it is vital tohave eachelement functioning effectively to be at our best. Our College is currently in a period of transformation and we are witnessing new and improved levels of engagement in student attendance and learning.

NAPLAN Our 2016 NAPLAN data is very encouraging and as a snapshot it represents the direction our College is taking - a high performing environment in which every child can learn and grow. In the primary school our data is significantly above state averages in all domains within the top bands. Our primary pedagogy is allowing our students to grow and achieve across all areas of the curriculum. In the secondary school the results reflect a significant growth in student performance and our students are above State average in the upper bands. The changes to our pedagogy are having an immediate impact on student achievement. The areas I am most pleased with are writing and numeracy, as both domains were significantly above State average. They are also focus areas across our College. As a snapshot the 2016 NAPLAN data clearly indicates significant growth across all four cohorts, whilst showing there are areas that we can continue to further develop. As a learning community we are currently reflecting on how we best do this. ATTENDANCE It is vitally important for student growth and development that students attend school. It has been stated that for every 10 days a student is absent from school they will drop a ‘Band’ from a ‘C’ to a ‘D’ or a Band 5 to a Band 4. Every day counts!!

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