2016 Principal's Post February Edition


As we settle into a new year I wish to congratulate our parents / guardians for the manner in which the students have returned to our College. I am pleased with the commitment of our students to their learning – the students are on an exciting journey.

As you are aware we are building a “New – New” school, a school that will serve the needs of students as they enter a vastly different work environment than past generations. We are developing skills of collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking whilst enhancing their ability to have a Catholic world view, develop their culture and be connected with their world. Our College is currently receiving many requested from other teachers, schools, systems to visit our College (approximately 50 staff have already visited this year). Next week we have 15 principals from Queensland visiting our classrooms. As such I wish to invite our parents to visit our classrooms, as I am proud of the learning environments our staff are providing for our vast range of students. On Wednesday 9 March at 6.30pm in the College Hall, a presentation will showcase our work in Agile Learning, Flipped Learning and Learning & Performance (LAP). I will provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions during the evening. Thank you for assisting to build a strong and vibrant Catholic Learning Community.

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“Educating our children today to nurture in them hope, courage and the capacity to be Christian leaders of tomorro ’

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