2016 Principal's Post February Edition


Our College LeadershipTeamand staff are committed to the provision of a relevant and contemporary learning experience for every child from K-12. Project 27, which was launched in 2015, is about preparing our students for the workforce and society of the future. The year 2027 is the year that our 2015 Kindergarten cohort graduate from school … what sort of skills would these students need to be successful in the workforce and society in the year 2027? If our students are going to going to make a difference in their world, both our students and staff need to be 21st Century learners and be both critical consumers and producers of knowledge. They need to be able to collaborate, to think critically and to communicate effectively. As a learning community, we believe that our students will need 21st century skills (7C’s - Catholic Worldview; Collaboration; Critical Thinking; Creativity; Connectivity; Communication; Cross Cultural understanding) to make a successful contribution to future society. Our teachers will need to engage with a 21st Pedagogy in order to develop these essential skills in our students. A 21st Century Pedagogy means developing the capabilities and the capacity of all our teachers, by introducing structures and processes that will encourage teachers working collaboratively to plan and critically reflect on their practice through an analysis of data. Our school leadership team and the staff have worked hard in consulting with our CEDP system expertise, researching and visiting other high performing schools to share expertise on 21st Century learning and teaching. We’ve also transformed our school learning environment by restructuring the timetable and consulted with Paul Meldrum and the facilities team at CEDP to assist us with best practice use of learning spaces. In addition, we’ve consulted with with Gary Brown and Jo Scalone, from CEDP, using the Google Classroom as a our Learning ,Management system which would enable the implementation of a 21st Century Pedagogy. As a result of all these innovations our learning and teaching is being transformed with a focus on ‘student centred’ learning where students are provided with opportunities to work collaboratively and develop 21st century skills using formative assessment.

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