2016 Principal's Post June Edition


JUNE 2016

This week our students have received their Half Yearly Reports and are in the process of leading their student, parent, teacher conferences. It is appropriate that I also reflect on the College’s progress: What we have achieved and the areas for further development. Areas of achievement The areas that I am most proud of are numerous but I will focus on only a few: Learning The College continues to focus on our Principles of Learning and how students learn best. As such we have provided a learning management system - Google Classrooms (every lesson is now online), successfully implemented Agile and Flipped learning into our secondary classrooms, introduced our BYODD program into Years 5,6,7 &10. The primary students are now involved in coding, gaming and digital technologies. Secondary students are engaged in STEAM: Design, graphics, 3D printing, robotics. We are connecting with the real world. Our focus on the K-10 Writing Continuum is gaining significant attention from others outside our College and the use of writing data to map every student in our College is a massive step forward. Well-being The focus on every student and their particular needs is of paramount importance. We have more than 200 students on personalised plans; a positive psychology approach in the primary and the introduction of Learning and Performance (LAP) in the secondary are linking learning and well-being. Evangelisation Our students are becoming move focussed on serving their community we have the second largest contingent of students attending World Youth Day, we have large numbers of students involved in Scripture classes, Youth Groups, Vinnies and Mini-Vinnies initiatives. The Year of Mercy is a focus this year and is present in our everyday activities. Community Our College is listening more to our community, we have provided more information evenings (Mathematics, Google Classrooms, Flipped Learning, Agile Learning), we are surveying our students, we are offering more extracurricular opportunities for students (Captivate, Sport Clinics, Gala Days, Debating, Coding Club etc), we have introduced many more forms of communication (Website, Facebook, Email, Skoolbag).

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