2016 Principal's Post March Edition


As you are aware “I love coming to our beautiful College – our Catholic Learning Community”. We have studentswho come to learnanda staffwho are committed toprovidingquality opportunities for our students. As Pope Francis has stated “we are not living in a period of change, but in a changed era”. Each day in education is an opportunity for our members of our community to learn and grow. Living in a changed era is both a privilege and a challenge, knowing what to hold onto and what is no longer meaningful.


Our students are entering a world that is vastly different to the world I ventured into many years ago and from most of our parents. The workforce is changing and barriers are being torn down. The skills our students required are changing, as such by necessity we have had to look at our classrooms and pedagogy through new lenses. In recent weeks we have had two forums for our parent community to gather and discuss our pedagogical direction and our learning management system. I wish to thank the parent community for the support they provided in their attendance at both evenings. I look forward to announcing developments across the College that will allow our students to make a difference in their world. Thank you for your continued support.


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“Educating our children today to nurture in them hope, courage and the capacity to be Christian leaders of tomorro ’

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