2016 Principal's Post May Edition


Visitors This week we will have our 100th visitor to our school this year. The visitors are coming to see “What the researchers, the academics, the consultants are writing and talking about – in action”. They are coming from schools from across Australia, from all sectors, primary and secondary schools to witness our students and teachers engaging in purposeful learning. Amazingly we are now showcasing our pedagogy, our learning environments to big business with visits in the last two weeks from Telstra, Teachers Mutual Bank, BOC and Atomi. Our Catholic Learning Community is certainly an exciting place to learn and grow. Saying Thank You I would like to acknowledge and thank our wonderful P&F team who are working diligently in developing a sense of community. From our Welcome Evening, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Movie Night, Spring Fair etc, they are striving to contribute to our community, Your dedication and support is always appreciated and valued. I would like to invite our parents and community to also thank and to acknowledge our College staff who are going beyond to ensure our students and your children are given the best possible opportunity. Just this week the “EXTRAS” that staff have facilitated include: Coding Club, Debating, Soccer Gala Day, Maths Enrichment, TAS and CAPA students working on the weekend, Media Training, English and Mathematics extension and AFL skills afterschool.

An Invitation I would like to invite our community to visit to observe our Coding Club in action. When: Tuesday, 7th June, 4.00 pm - 4.30 pm. Where: Sustainable Building.

Dr Peter Webster College Principal

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