2017 College Yearbook


Dr Peter Webster

We are striving to allow each student to be their own kind of AWESOME....

Our College is maturing and is now in a period of refinement. We are getting better at knowing each of our students and providing a personalised journey of discovery and growth. We are striving to allow each student to be AWESOME – to be their kind of AWESOME – as we know each student is different.


Since its inception in 2005, the College has been continually in a state of development. Moving from a primary school, into secondary and today we are a K-12 Catholic College. It is fabulous to witness our Kindergarten students learning alongside their Year 12 buddies; our staff working across primary and secondary settings; and the junior sporting teams being coached by our senior students.

In this time, we have undergone many changes to our physical buildings, our pedagogies, the learning, partnerships and the multiple pathways for students.

Catering for each student is an imperative that we strive to achieve. As you could imagine, with 1600 students, this can be a challenging task. We have accepted this challenge and have initiated personalised plans, writing continuums, data walls, student led conferences and individual pathways. We are continually seeking to have the student as the centre of their learning.

This year we have undertaken the foundational work to further develop in this area. In our primary classrooms we have extended opportunities for students to excel with explicit links to the secondary classrooms and staff. In the secondary classrooms, students in 2018 will have the opportunity to participate in Acceleration programs, to undertake Vocational Education Courses from Year 9 and to begin University courses whilst at school. Our College is transiting from a K-12 College to be a ‘true’ Pre to Post (P-P) school. Having our Early Learning Centre, COSCH, Primary, Secondary, VET and now Australian Catholic University (ACU) on the one site! I do not know of any school that provides such a range of pathways to their student body. I am not sure if the visionaries had this in mind in 2005. We are creating new frontiers for your children to be ‘Awesome’.

This year the College building program has continued, with the Bus Shelter and extension of the Years 1-4 classrooms. I wish to announce that the College Multipurpose Learning Hub is now under construction and will be completed during 2018. This will be the final piece of the College’s Master plan.


The Multipurpose Learning Hub will be a magnificent resource for all students to learn in and to present their thoughts and feelings in a contemporary setting. I promise that the Hub will be the centrepiece of our Catholic Learning Community.

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